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"...all professionals, friendly and willing to give their 100% in selling my property...Sale day was beyond my expectation, sold quickly......"
- Joseph B. Ray
"These guys from Carolina Auctions are the stuff. They get the job done...."
- Tim Connor
"...I have never in my life worked with such great people as in your organization...everyone so full of heart, grit, ..."
- Arol Wolfing
"...a sale day crowd of 350 to 400 people absorbed the units, terminating hold costs, freeing us to pursue other ..."
- Mike Brown
"It was an enjoyable experience working with you and the Carolina Auction ..."
- Gary A. Pickren, Attorney
"The October 14th auction was handled professionally from the planning to the marketing and the performance. It brought together the ..."
- Mary M. Brewer
"I was very impressed with how you explained everything in detail and the entire auction process...my overall experience with this ..."
- Neeta Shah Wallace
"The size of the crowd on sale day surprised almost everyone...the property sold for more money than you projected and ..."
- Larry Hutchins
"...to express our appreciation for the exceptional job that you performed in handling the auction...we were very impressed with your ..."
- Thomas W. Waldrop, Jr., Attorney, Bell, Davis and Pitt, PA
"I have to admit, I was really hesitant when my husband signed the contract to auction our house. Coming from ..."
- Darlene Medlock
"...would like to express my appreciation of the great experience I had when selling my home through the auction process...I ..."
- Brenda Sprinkle
"An auction works if you do it properly. We have done several auctions and your auction turned out the best ..."
- Melissa A. Willis
"You ensured that the sale of the Greenville Highway property, Hendersonville, NC was a ..."
- Shelia M. Harper, CoTrustee
"The planning and the auction were conducted in a very professional, competent and efficient. All of the real property was ..."
- Edward P. Perrin, Perrin, Perrin
"The sale was undoubtedly well publicized as there were 60 to 70 people in attendance..the sale generated a bid price ..."
- Keith H. Weatherly, State Executive Director
"...auctioning off my family property is not an easy decision to make but you helped me realize how much I ..."
- Beth McCorkle
"...appreciation for the manner in which you conducted the sale of the Goat Island Property last Saturday. She is very ..."
- Mark W. Owens, Jr., Owens
"I am very pleased with the results of the sale – which substantially exceeded your forecast and most everyone’s expectations...you ..."
- Fred Smith
"...to thank you for the outstanding job that your company performed in selling the Folk properties for us. Your professionalism ..."
- Steve Fisher, Citizens and Southern Trust Company
"The family was most grateful for your cooperation and most pleased with the results of the ..."
- James F. Kotsianas
"I want to thank you for the professionalism, courtesy and integrity you and your team displayed during the June 1 ..."
- Stan Klepper
"The sale went well and others in attendance expressed the same opinion about the manner in which it was ..."
- William M. Cooper, Attorney
"You are to be commended for a job well done in a professional and knowledgeable manner. It was a joy ..."
- Randall Kealer
"...wanted to thank you and your associates for the excellent job you did at our auction this past Saturday. The ..."
- Steven L. Cantrell
"Please accept this letter as an expression of our appreciation of a superb job of the recent Nantahala Power and ..."
- W. M. Jontz, President
"In all candor, in talking with other agents that had experience with other auction companies had left less than a ..."
- Tommy Marshall, REALTOR
"...congratulating you on the tremendous selling job you performed on behalf of The Woods of Lake Oconee, LLC and our ..."
- Joe P. Hudson, Executive VicePresident
"I was nervous during the 6 weeks of preparation because I was uncertain of how the auction was going to ..."
- George W. Mason, VicePresident
"The results of the sale were outstanding...you have the thanks of me and the Federal Land Bank for a job ..."
- Danny Yarborough, Principal Loan Officer
"...I congratulate you on a most professional and success sale which you conducted by auction of 1,350 acres...the results of ..."
- Lutton R. Britt
"The level of professionalism demonstrated by you and your staff was ..."
- C.B. Fair, III, President and CEO
"I was very happy with the auction you recently did for my city property, frankly I did not think anyone ..."
- Ruth L. Cate, Attorney
"The auction exceeded my expectations with the sale ..."
- Edwin Ryan McKinney, Personal Representative
Auction marketing allows you to sell when you’re ready- on your terms - with confidence that complete market focus consistently delivers top market price.

As one of America’s most experienced, skilled and successful real estate auctioneers, we represent sellers of single family homes, luxury estates and upscale condominiums, farm land, timber land and plantations, waterfront and resort properties, subdivision lots, commercial real estate and related personal assets anywhere in the Carolinas, Georgia and across the Southeast.

Please call 864-597-0784 or CLICK HERE for a confidential, informal and candid conversation to determine whether your property will successfully sell at auction.
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