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Real Estate Auction - Is It Right for You?
December 15, 2014

Listing your luxury home for sale involves many challenges that are unique to the high-end luxury real estate market. One of the difficulties in listing luxury homes on the traditional real estate market is that high end luxury estates will typically face longer spans of days on the market.  Another common problem sellers face is properly valuing their unique properties.

Luxury Home Sellers May Face Frustrating Road to Closing
One reason for the long road to closing is because the pool of savvy luxury home buyers who are qualified to purchase the higher end homes is usually not so large. With fewer buyers in the market for higher priced estates, the wait for buyer interest can be long and frustrating for a seller.

An even bigger reason that it takes longer to sell a luxury home is because of the uniqueness of the property. Luxury homes are typically very high-end, custom built estates. The architecture, fixtures, materials, character and amount of acreage of luxury homes vary so widely. These variables pose a major challenge to sellers when setting a selling price. Without close comparable sales, it can be difficult to determine not only the worth of your luxury estate, but also the price that buyers would be willing to pay.   

Home Sellers and Buyers Benefit by Real Estate Auctions
Luxury real estate auctions are becoming more and more popular as the higher-end home buyers and sellers are realizing the Columbia South Carolina real estate auctions provide a quick, efficient and convenient way to buy and sell luxury properties. 

By using a real estate auction, the seller can maintain control over much of the process such as the terms of sale and timing of the sale. Both buyers and sellers appreciate the quick and definitive time frame of the auction selling process.  In many luxury home auction sales, there are no contingencies, so quick closing of less than 30 days can be achieved to benefit both buyers and sellers.  

The Real Estate Auctions Marketing Arms Reach Far
Real Estate Auctioneers utilize aggressive marketing processes that give luxury estate auctions  maximum visibility to potential buyers who are specifically in the luxury home market.  High end auctioneers also have the ability to reach far and wide to those qualified buyers who are not only widespread throughout the U.S., but also to those buyers who live abroad. Savvy luxury home bidders create a competitive market as they come to real estate auctions prepared to buy. With serious intention and interest in the property, buyers will bid up the price and typically, the property will be sold at its true market value.

More Information About Real Estate Auctions in North Carolina and South Carolina
If you are new to the idea of real estate auctions and would like to learn more about how real estate auctions might benefit your home sale, call us today at 800-292-9666. With over four decades in the real estate auction business, Carolina Auction Team, Inc. is well established as a premier South Carolina and North Carolina auctioneer.



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