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A successful real estate auction marketing program is a strenuous and exacting undertaking. Many critical elements must be carefully coordinated to produce optimum price. Extensive pre-sale planning and preparation, with careful attention to detail must be connected to an exciting and aggressive promotional campaign and the transaction completed through a skillfully executed sale and a smooth, no surprises closing.

Key Elements in a Successful Auction of Your Property Include:

  • PREPARATION AND PACKAGING – OR “STAGING THE PROPERTY”: Includes making the property "sale ready" or cost effectively making the property look its best and subdividing/packaging the property so that it appeals to the broadest market, that is, to the largest number of potential buyers in several different markets simultaneously.
  • PROMOTION AND ADVERTISING: Not just writing paid ads but conceiving, developing, designing and producing effective, attention demanding advertising, then placing it in the correct media, at the correct time, in the correct frequency, all to produce a thorough, complete and exciting campaign, commanding attention and attracting the interest of potential buyers in target markets throughout defined, geographic & demographic markets.
  • PRESENTING AND SHOWING THE PROPERTY: To every qualified prospective bidder generated through the advertising and promotion campaign, to auction company contacts, market area civic and business leadership and similar centers of influence. The purpose of this presentation and showing effort is to ensure that each potential buyer understands the unique features and benefits of the property being sold, to explain the sale day auction process and to obtain opening bids prior to sale day.
  • SALE DAY EXECUTION: Requires skilled, experienced professional auctioneers, ringmen, clerical and support staff working smoothly, efficiently and effectively as a team, with every action directed to maximizing sale price; intuitively recognizing and encouraging potential buyers to bid, and bid again - adjusting strategy during the progress of the sale, always with one goal - to achieve top market price by maximizing competition.
  • POST SALE FOLLOW UP: Nothing has been accomplished until the money and the deeds have changed hands. Follow through to the closing table is imperative and requires critical coordination between the seller and the buyers, attorneys, surveyors, lenders and many other parties.

No two properties are identical. For this reason, your auction organization must be keenly aware of all the variables regarding the subject property and the marketplace at the time of the sale. There are many facets which must be precisely tailored to meet the specific property and the markets to which it must appeal.

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